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Plus, I really rely on my senses to get a "feel" of who I'm dealing with, and that's next to impossible online. My friends have set me up on blind dates a couple of times, but they didn't go too well either, though that's how I met a good friend. I hope this doesn't sound too trampy.. A few of the guys I've dated I just met on the street. My gaydar is pretty sharp, so if someone seems like a potential candidate, I just amble up to them and start a conversation. Having said all that, I'm not looking for a partner at the moment. My advice is to develop your own interests the tennis thing sounds fine , go about your business and send off an "available" vibe.

You never know who might show up. We also have a Queer Center that has regular opportunities for people to meet I met my partner of 8 years in an AA meeting It is a sign of being too strong for too long. In my city we have a many, many GLBT social organizations, some are related to interests like hiking or running or reading or knitting etc We also have a GLBT gift shop and a cafe. Probably the easiets way to find out what's around in your area is to look on-line for a local or near-by GLBT community center, website, or "phone directory" sometimes called the GLBT yellow pages or The Pink Pages , depending on where you are.

There isn't anything near where I live to meet guys besides the 1 gay bar in 70 miles and the adult bookstores by the interstate, neither of which hold any appeal to me. I've been single for quite some time now, and I think I'd love to date again. I'm just trying to trust in time it will happen.

Sending a Sober Text - Brief and Futile Love Stories

I was pretty lucky Unfortunately we split up after 5yrs I wish you luck though There may well be other places but i havent found them Just now I met my partner of ten years at an AA meeting in San Francisco. Are there no gay and lesbian AA meetings in your area?

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If not, start one. I have other problems when it comes meeting people. I definately have that pesky masochistic streak that gets off when a guy is mean to me-not physically or verbally, but does things that I would never do because it seems selfish or arrogant.. I seem to be attracted to that personality type.

Its not that I want to "fix" that person, it has something to do with how brazenly that person defies peoples wishes then gets away with it.

Sober – We meet the gay men who don’t need booze to party

Obviously I would never consider having a relationship with such a person I have in the past but I can't help who I'm attracted to of course physical appearance plays a role too. I try to be attracted to nice thoughtful, generous guys and although I have friends like that sexually it does little for me. Obviously I can have sex with these types of people but I don't think I could really "fall" for one.

Well, then, I guess it depends on whether you're going to be satisfied with "just sex" relationships for the rest of your life or whether you want more than that. Obviously, if "just sex" is enough for you, then you're fine with things as they are. If you want more, then you've got some things you need to decide and address. First off, could you be content in a relationship in which you did not feel sexually attracted to your partner? If that's not what you want, then you have some real work to do on yoursefl. Because, bascially, you are going to need to figure out what issues of yours "cause" you to be attracted to arrogant jerks, and then you are going to have to do what it takes to work through those isssues so that you can develop healthy attractions to healthy people who are, in fact, healthy relationship material.

It's not easy, but it is possible If I was then I would consider dating women.

I don't think I subconsciously try to find people like that so I can just cause drama in life and then give excuses why I'm single I know so many guys who are scared to have relationships because of bad experiences, but I'd still like to date and have romance even after having bad experiences. Even if I don't jump into a relationship, obviously I'm still going to develop emotional attachments to some people.

I guess the ideal scenario would be to meet a guy who is only "kinda" like my type, and then maybe we can work it out.

What It's Like to Date Someone Who Looks Remarkably Like You

I don't know if my attraction is so unhealthy that I can never consider having a relationship. That would be depressing! Freya, I did date a person that I thought was "safe" in my eyes as a person, kind of what you described as a good, healthy person. It was ok for about 2 weeks then I ended up really hurting him. I just felt like the relationship was based on the wrong motives. Originally Posted by jhvw That relationship was a very big yikes, and did hurt alot of people.

It's one of those things I'm trying to put behind me. A lesson learned the hard way That aside, good luck on your relationship needs Jon. I probably had not had a "healthy" relationship with a guy for at least ten years prior to my quitting drinking 21 months ago.

Sober – We meet the gay men who don’t need booze to party - Gay Times

By healthy I mean connecting emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and even then, it was a rarity. Now that I am sober at the age of 37, I feel like I am about 13 years old when it comes to dating and sex. I haven't even gone there yet. I am also faced with this dilemma. How will you meet guys if you don't go to the bar? Well I have found several local sources: Gay softball leagues Gay volleyball Gay bowling night Gay churches which hold many social functions Even gay AA if that is your thing Shoot, and I put a personal ad out there on the internet.

I am wrote exactly what I want, really just friendship for now as I am focused on healing. We thought so, but after meeting a few teetotal homosexuals for a drink coffee, of course the grass started to look a bit greener on the sober side.

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  • Sober – We meet the gay men who don’t need booze to party - Gay Times!

Our parents influence us in many ways. But sometimes ma and pa can influence us in the opposite direction, as stage manager Antony Gibb can attest to. He saw the effect alcohol had on his family and decided the only way forward was to ban booze from his life, permanently. He admits: As my friends will tell you I enjoy good night out, and usually the more drunk other people get, the more I know I can get away with! I have a real need to remain in control of things at all times, which is what I guess makes me a good stage manager and supervisor.

But again, not for Ant. In spite of the uber-wild cooking wine naughty , it must be difficult to put up with constant pressure from friends doing a Mrs Doyle from Father Ted: He says: I always know when its a good time to go home before people go from fun to sloppy drunk. But not for everyone, as it seems writer James Murrs was more than happy to be the ever-dependable designated driver to his lucky pals. But why? We grill the reformed boozer about becoming master of the mocktail. My friends all were of course.

It would literally be one bottle of beer. And with a tale as old as time, from that moment on the story went: Step forward, Mr designated driver…. He tells us: But I soon learnt that when reminding people what they did when drunk, you do have to be careful not to be too annoying.